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Bucket Wheels

There are 5 Bucket Wheel Series available to target the project requirements and to optomize material recovery.

Watch the double bucket wheel in action (Series DS)

Series E

  •  Are used in the preparation process as well as mainly for the direct feeding by suction of dredgers with a mixture output of up to 5,000 m3/h and a solid quanitiy of up to 1,000 m3/h
  • For the recovery of sand and gravel within a processing plant or direct feeding by suction dredgers.
  • Up to a wheel diameter of 8,000 mm
  • Series ES ... BB

  •  Are used to revover sand within a processing plant when at the same time an optimum fine sand recovery is demanded
  • For the recovery of sand and avoidance of fine sand loss.
  • Quantity of water is four times higher than the quantity of sand
  • Series ES ... BL

  •  Are used if any loss of fine sand shall be avoided. They have the same trough width as the fine sand bucket wheels and differ only in the larger bucket volume and the more powerful drive.
  • For the maximum avoidance of fine sand loss.
  • Larger bucket volume and more powerful drive than bucket wheels of series FS
  • Series FS ... BL

  •  Are used specially for the recovery of fine sand and distinguish themselves by a larger sedimentation area and low speed.
  • For the recovery of fine sand
  • Large settling area and low speed
  • Series DS, 3S

  •  Are used to wash, size and dewater sand. With computer-controlled sand dosing to produce 2 and/or 3 different sand fractions
  • To improve the sand quality
  • Double drive, production of 2 and/or 3 sand fractions

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