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Customer Testimonials


I have worked with Milt and Morris Irrigation since they started and even before that as Milt worked for me when he was just starting out.

We started irrigation in 1964 and except for periods of low water have been working with them ever since and even then on other adventures.  They do a good job and are always dependable.  I have made it a point to get to know the people who work for Morris Irrigation as well, and they are up to the job.

Norman Nystrom


Hartman & Pahl Farm have been using and depending on Morris Inc for 25 + years, we have 22 pivots, not all were the brand they sell. They treat other brands with equal importance. Our project was put together in 1978, which was around the time Morris Irrigation was just getting started. As we all know equipment wears out. They have been real competitive in replacement cost in the sales department. I can go in there with a idea of what I want and they come up with what is best for us.  As for service on a scale of 1-10 they are a 10 plus as far as I am concerned in all departments. In the past Morris Inc has expanded their line of business, but irrigation has always been there number one priority. I have been dealing with the same personnel in each department as long as I can remember. I always know who to contact no matter what the problem may be, if not they can direct me to the correct department. This is just a few reasons Hartman & Pahl Farm relies on Morris Inc.

Roger Shoup, Manager of Hartman & Pahl Farm


When asked to comment on my business with Morris Irrigation, the first thing that came to mind was Morris' have been very reliable for many years.

I have purchased four Reinke systems through them and they are always willing to back up their work.

I purchased one of the first systems when Milt was starting.  It has been interesting watching the business grow.  It has been nice not having to watch the crops burn up. 

Paul Bonhorst


Professionals from the beginning of the project all the way through to the end.  I wouldn't hesitate to hire the Morris crew to do my next irrigation project.

Eric Nordstrom

Steve Ludemann, Department Manager

Shan Seachris, Office Manager

Office:  605-223-2585



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